Getting to Know the Company

If you are in the market for an electrician, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish among all the companies out there if you have only surface information. For this reason, we want to provide you with additional knowledge about Raceway Electric Inc. so you can better understand our mission, values, and vision.

We are headed by Doug Combs, CEO and president, and Mike Smith, vice president. Doug comes from an extremely long line of electricians, which has inspired him in his own career.

We have a proven track record in construction, troubleshooting, safety, and customer satisfaction. We are insured and hold the following licenses:

  • CE26775

  • ME2752

Company Values

We value honesty and good, old-fashioned hard work. Each one of our service professionals ascribes to the ideals of putting our clients’ best interests first, being extremely timely and reliable, and always providing high-quality workmanship on each and every job, whether small or large.


Having certifications, licenses, and the appropriate schooling is important to us. Raceway Electric Inc. has both an Electrical Contractor License and Electrical Masters License in the state of Kentucky. All of our employees have graduated from a post-secondary electrical educational program.

We value knowledge and education, and you benefit from that fact. Contact us today for an estimate or to discuss your electrical needs. We look forward to serving you!